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United Daughters of the Confederacy
South Carolina Division United Daughters of the Confederacy

Stephen Elliott Chapter #1349

Organized September 5, 1910 in Beaufort, S.C.


BGen. Stephen Elliott, CSA

26 October 1830 - 21 February 1866

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Meeting Time: 2:30 PM

Second Wednesday Bi-Monthly

Stephen Elliott Chapter #1349 Officers

L-R: Gladys Cousar, Barbara Wood, Lydia Hudsick, Elaine Sutcliffe, Penny Tarrance, Margaret Chavers, Nancy Anderson, Margaret Ann Gatch

Stephen Elliott Chapter #1349 Officers

President Mrs. Gladys Cousar

1st Vice-President Ms. Pam Kinsey

2nd Vice-President Mrs. Barbara Wood

3rd Vice-President Mrs. Priscilla Perkins

Recording Secretary Mrs. Lydia Hudsick

Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Caye Youmans-Cromer

Treasurer Mrs. Elaine Sutcliffe

Registrar Mrs. Penny Tarrance

Historian Mrs. Margaret Chavers

Recorder of Military Service Awards Mrs. Nancy Anderson

Chaplain Mrs. Margaret Ann Gatch

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The UDC Ladies on Confederate Memorial Day at the Beaufort National Cemetery

UDC 2009 Cotton Hall Plantation

The UDC Ladies at Cotton Hill Plantation 31 October 2009


"Think, Love, Pray, Dare, Live"


Red and White

Hostesses and Programs


Sept.8 Mrs. Anne Caughman, Hostess

2:30 pm Co-Hostesses

Patty Causey, Linda Collins, Betty Waskiewicz

Program - Southern Music by Nancy Anderson

Nov. 10 Mrs. Lydia Hudsick, Hostess

2:30 pm Nancy Anderson, Nancy Crowther, Anita Henson

Program - Wayne Cousar


Jan. 12 Mrs. Debbi Covington, Hostess

2:30 pm Program - Larry Bernard

Mar. 9 Mrs. Barbara Wood, Hostess

2:30 pm Gladys Cousar, Margaret Ann Gatch, Bet King, Mavis Tootle

Program - Neil Baxley

May 11 Mrs. Marge Chavers, Hostess

2:30 pm Betty Degler, Lydia Hudsick, Pat Perkins, Lanie Sutcliffe

Program - Barbara Wood

July 13 Beaufort District Collection Tour Beaufort County Library Time to be determined

Other Events of Interest


Sept. 3 Stephen Elliott Chapter 100th Anniversary Celebration

Sept. 23-25 114th UDC State Convention Charleston, S.C.

Oct. 14 Heritage Society of Beaufort BBQ & Silent Auction Islands of Beaufort Club House

Nov. 4-8 117th Annual UDC General Convention Richmond, VA.


Jan. 15 SCV Camp #47 Lee - Jackson Banquet Dataw Island, S.C.

Mar. 10 Heritage Society of Beaufort Luncheon Place & Time to be annnounced

Spring Edisto District Annual Meeting Orangeburg, S.C. Hostess: Paul McMichael Chapter #427

May 10 Confederate Memorial Day Beaufort National Cemetery UDC to place flags on 117 grave sites Memorial Service with SCV

Brigadier General Stephen Elliott, Jr. is well remembered by Stephen Elliott Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, as one of Beaufort County’s ablest soldiers of the Confederacy. A life-size portrait of General Elliott hangs in the Beaufort Museum. There is a Stephen Elliott Park on Bay Street and a marble obelisk in St. Helena’s Episcopal Churchyard, which marks his grave.

Elliott served as lieutenant and later, captain, of the Beaufort Volunteer Artillery. In the fall of 1863 he was promoted to major and was chosen by General Beauregard to command Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor. After eight months, he was transferred to Petersburg, Virginia; however, he left Fort Sumter a “formidable bastion, armed with six heavy guns and furnishing comfortable quarters for 300 men”.

While on duty in Virginia, Elliott was promoted to brigadier general. He was severely wounded in the Battle of the Crater. Following his recovery, he participated in two more actions, Averysboro and Bentonville, in which he was again badly wounded . With the end of hostilities, Brigadier General Stephen Elliott Jr. returned to his plantation home on Parris Island, where he died of his wounds on February 21, 1866.

Southern Cross of Honor

While attending a reunion of Confederate veterans in Atlanta in July 1898, Mrs. Alexander S. (Mary Ann Lamar Cobb) Erwin of Athens, Ga., conceived the idea of bestowing the Southern Cross of Honor on Confederate veterans . Mrs. Erwin and Mrs. Sarah E. Gabbett of Atlanta are credited with the design of the medal: a Maltese cross with a wreath of laurel surrounding the words "Deo Vindice (God our Vindicator) 1861-1865" and the inscription, "Southern Cross of Honor" on the face. On the reverse side is a Confederate battle flag surrounded by a laurel wreath and the words "United Daughters of the Confederacy to the UCV." Mr. Charles W. Crankshaw of Atlanta was chosen to manufacture the Crosses, but the first order was not given until the UDC had secured a copyright (February 20, 1900). During the first 18 months of the Cross's availability, 12,500 were ordered and delivered. Only a Confederate veteran could wear the Southern Cross of Honor, and it could only be bestowed through the UDC. Money could not buy the Cross; they were bought by loyal, honorable service to the South and given in recognition of this devotion. The first Cross ever bestowed was upon Mrs. Erwin’s husband, Captain Alexander S. Erwin, by the Athens (Ga.) Chapter on April 26, 1900. The Crosses of Military Service and Medals currently bestowed by the UDC are an outgrowth of the Southern Cross of Honor. These Crosses and Medals are awarded to veterans who have served or are serving in defense of America. They are the most prized awards conferred by the UDC. The UDC presents complete sets of the Crosses to libraries and museums if they agree to display the sets. The Southern Cross of Honor is always included if one is available. Should someone owning a Southern Cross of Honor wish to donate it to the UDC, it will be included in a set presented to a museum or library. Please contact the UDC Business Office. The UDC Business Office does not have the original applications for the Southern Cross of Honor. It does, however, have the ledgers compiled by Mrs. Anna Davenport Raines during her seven-year term as Custodian of Crosses of Honor. Mrs. Raines recorded the recipients of every Cross bestowed, beginning with Number 1, until she resigned in 1913, for a total of 78,761 Crosses, The ledgers provide the name and unit of each recipient and may in some cases give the date and place of the award. An cumulative index was developed by the Caroline Meriwether Goodlett Library Committee in the 1980s to cross reference the information contained in the ledgers. To request confirmation of the bestowal of a Southern Cross of Honor between 1900 and 1913 and/or for any information available for subsequent years, please download the research request form [PDF file] and mail to: UDC Memorial Building Southern Cross of Honor Research 328 North Boulevard Richmond, VA 23220-4009

Membership Requirements

Who is Eligible

Those eligible for active membership are women no less than 16 years of age who are blood descendants, lineal or collateral, of men and women who served honorably in the Army, Navy, or civil service of the Confederate States of America or gave material aid to The Cause. Also eligible are those women who are lineal or collateral blood descendants of members or former members of the UDC. Adopted children are not eligible for membership by virtue of their adoptive parents' bloodline but solely by virtue of their natural or biological parents' bloodlines.

Proof of Eligibility

Proof of an ancestor's service to the Confederate States of America must be provided and may be obtained upon request from any of the following sources (if available):

UDC Business Office: From records of military service compiled from registered applications and National Archives Microfilm of Confederate Veterans files, upon request of UDC Chapter Registrar. (Research fee and SASE required.)

Pension records. Confederate pension record information is limited but can be found on the Web ( State Departments of Archives and History, Confederate Records, if certified. General Services Administration, National Archives and Records Service, 8th and Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20408. ( An authoritative publication: Photocopy of title page, name of author, volume, page number, year of publication, location of library. Provide certified copy of pertinent data relating to Confederate ancestor only. Proof of a veteran's dates must also be submitted and may be obtained from any of the following sources:

1. Birth and/or death certificates

2. Newspaper obituaries

3. Tombstones (name of cemetery and location must be included; authenticity must be certified; photograph should be included if possible). NOTE: Tombstone information is not acceptable as proof of Confederate service.

4. Annotations in family Bible

5. Other sources may be deemed adequate; consult with the registrar of the Chapter you plan to join.

Proof of an applicant's relation to the Confederate veteran must also be provided (usually in the form of birth, marriage, and death certificates).

Please note that genealogical research is NOT available from the UDC's Business Office.


Admission to the organization shall be by invitation through a Chapter.

The application shall bear the endorsement of two members of the accepting Chapter to whom the applicant is personally known. She shall be accepted for membership as described in the UDC Bylaws.


We have several clubs for the different generations to gather together to socialize at conventions. One is the Granddaughters Club, another is the Real Great Granddaughters Club and the third is the Great Great Granddaughters. Please visit the above link to the RGGDC for information, pin order forms and etc.

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Why I Am a Daughter of the Confederacy

I am a Daughter of the Confederacy because I was born a Daughter of the Confederacy. A part of my heritage was that I came into this world with the blood of a soldier in my veins...a soldier who may have had nothing more to leave behind to me and to those who come after me except in heritage...a heritage so rich in honor and glory that it far surpasses any material wealth that could be mine. But it is mine, to cherish, to nurture and to make grace, and to pass along to those yet to come. I am, therefore, a Daughter of the Confederacy because it is my birthright.

I am a Daughter of the Confederacy because I have an obligation to perform. Like the man in the Bible, I was given a talent and it is my duty to do something about it. That is why I've joined a group of ladies whose birthright is the same as organization which has for its purpose the continuance and furtherance of the true history of the South and the ideals of southern womanhood as embodied in its Constitution.

I am a member of The United Daughters of the Confederacy because I feel it would greatly please my ancestor to know that I am a member. It would please him to know that I appreciate what he did and delight his soldier love to know that I do not consider the cause which he held so dear to be lost or forgotten. Rather, I am extremely proud of the fact that he was a part of it and was numbered among some of the greatest and bravest men which any such cause ever produced.

I am a Daughter of the Confederacy because I can no more help being a Daughter of the Confederacy than I can help being an American, and I feel that I was greatly favored by inheriting a birthright for both.

Written by Mary Nowlin Moon (Mrs. John)

A member of Kirkwood Otey Chapter 10, Lynchburg, Virginia

First read at a Chapter meeting on June 2, 1915

SC UDC Div. President Retta Tindall guest of honor with President Anita Henson July 2010

UDC July 10 Anita and Courtney

Courtney McElveen presented scholarship certificate by President Anita Henson July 2010

Chapter Events

Stephen Elliott Chapter #1349 recognition of Military Service

UDC Award Charles Aimar

Compatriot Charles Aimar is presented the UDC Cross of Military Service by Chapter President Anita Henson and Nancy Anderson, recorder of Military Service Awards.


Compatriot Jeffrey Holliday is presented the UDC National Defense Medal at the 2010 Lee Jackson Banquet by Chapter President Anita Henson and Nancy Anderson, recorder of Military Service Awards.

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Compatriot Wayne Cousar is presented the UDC Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal by Chapter President Anita Henson

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Compatriot Mike Keyserling is presented the UDC Cross of Military Service by Chapter President Anita Henson

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Compatriot Bill Sammons is presented the UDC Cross of Military Service by Chapter President Anita Henson

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Armed Forces Compatriot Jack Kirkland is presented the UDC Expeditionary Medal by Chapter President Anita Henson

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Compatriot Wayne Milner is presented the UDC Cross of Military Service by former Chapter President Priscilla Perkins

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Compatriot Jody Henson is presented the UDC Award by former Chapter President Barbara Wood

UDC Holliday

Compatriot Jeffrey Holliday is presented the UDC Armed Forces Expeditionary Service Medal by Chapter President Anita Henson

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2008 Confederate Memorial Day Guest Speaker Prof. John McCardell -

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Compatriot Brian Canaday and daughter Shelby

From Gladys Cousar, President of the Stephen Elliott UDC Chapter #1349

I hope you have enjoyed visiting our Gen. Stephen Elliott web site and have become interested in learning more about the United Daughters of the Confederacy and our chapter here in Beaufort, SC. If interested I would encourage you to contact our Registrar, Mrs. Penny Tarrance at 843-522-8710. If you would like to email the chapter directly you may use our email link noted below.

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